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Pioneer Hydraulic Tarp Motor (HR1508)

Part #HR1508 is comprised of a right angle hydraulic motor, gearbox, and adapter. HR1508 is an integral part of the HR1515 Roller Assembly. The HR1515 Roller Assembly is, in turn, a component of the HR1500 Econocover Automatic Tarping System.


  • Right angle gearbox with a 90:1 Gear Ratio. Connects directly to tarp roller. Hydraulic motor coupled to the gearbox through adapter plate.
  • Flow diverter - 5 GPM constant flow from the control port side
  • Cover control valve - Open center configuration, double manually operated 4-way valves, adjustable pressure relief valve
  • The shaft is 2 1/2" long and 3/4" in diameter

Pioneer Hydraulic Tarp Motor (HR1508)

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